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Criminal law is one of the branches of the legal system, which defines grounds, principles, terms of criminal responsibility, goals of punishment, types of crimes committed and penalties for these acts. The consequences and the relationships that arise, when a criminal act is committed, as well as further punishment and execution are the objects of the law.
Criminal law regulates relations connected with commission of criminal acts, punishes the perpetrators of any crimes and brings those persons to justice for committing such actions. Criminal law is an independent legal science, with this branch of law as an object of study. The main legal aspects of criminal law are consideration of specific actions from the perspective of law violations and determination the limits of criminal responsibility and kinds of offense. The main functions of the criminal law: precautionary, security, educational.


Thanks to the services of CONDE & ASOCIADOS lawyers, our clients receive highest level of legal assistance. It gives our clients the opportunity to make correct and safe decisions guided by timely professional consultation. Our clients are always confident that their affairs are in the hands of true professionals, and the documents developed are focused on achieving precisely their set goals.
Our lawyers participate in the negotiations for agreements on conditions, and provide necessary legal assistance in the event of a dispute. Our clients enjoy the services of CONDE & ASOCIADOS lawyers at any stage of a dispute, from pre-trial settlement to appeals of court decisions and their execution.

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